I.T.M Promotion Tokyo

The premier promotion team in the Tokyo region of Japan.Getting started in Japan can be a daunting task. You may ask yourself “How can I enjoy my life now that I am here?" Fret not. We at ITM Promotion offer all of our clients the best service in terms of nightlife and social events.With our friendly and professional staff, you are sure to not only enjoy yourself, but make new connections and memories that will last well past the event.ITM Promotion. Dress up and come join us. 

Every friday I.T.M will have a guest list at Plus tokyo in Ginza.Please come and join and experience the fun side of Tokyo.

"PLUSTOKYO" aims at making guest's lifestyle a little positive + ART, + MUSIC, + FOOD, + DRINK, + FASHION, + CULTURE ...... What kind of "plus" makes you happy? Please find your answer at “PLUSTOKYO".

A Social gathering place where you can experience new encounters while enjoying various fusion with unprecedented scenes and a wide range of hours.


Roof top has a DJ booth so that rooftop events can be held,.
You can see the iconic Tokyo tower and the Skytree from each end of the Roo. It is a Strong Insta worthy location

Every Friday I.T.M have a guest list for all foregiers !!
Just say "I.T.M"  at the door and be ready for free entry.

For more information contact Rich 
LINE : richqlojpn
Phone: 080-3360-3468

the address is